Pet Sitting

 Sometimes, you just need to get away from it all. Or maybe you would love to stay, but work is taking you out of town for the weekend. Whether you’re leaving for vacation, or just a quick trip, we have you covered. We offer a variety of options, to suit whatever time frame you will need services during, as well as additional services, such as housekeeping, medication administration, and farm tending! Let us know how we can customize your pets’ care, to get the maximum comfort and happiness while you’re away.

Dog, Cat, and Small Animal Visits  ~  $20 and up (30 minutes)    14522716_1587930988176410_6933094214255507033_n

Fur, fins, feathers and scales need love too! Let us show them the care they are used to, by visiting them during the day! These 30-minute visits include playtime, a litter scoop/change, and refilling of water and food bowls. This service is $20 per visit, for one cat or dog. Each additional cat is only $3 more, additional dogs are $4 more each per visit. Other small animal prices vary by case, so ask us what we can do for your pint-sized pal! As with all services, basic home care is included. Discounts available for 6 or more visits.

Day Sitting  ~  $40 and up (3-4 hours)12360093_10206686264007900_3052460799953086735_n

This is a good option for a long day trip, a weekend getaway, or for pet(s) that don’t mind having the house to themselves at night. Day Sitting services include play time, unlimited potty breaks, walks, and feeding. Price of $40 covers one animal. Additional charges will be applied to multi-pet homes ($4 per dog, $3 per cat).

IMG_2683Overnight Sitting  ~  $54 and up (12 hours)

Does your pup get scared during thunderstorms, and need a cuddle? Or does Ms. Kitty yowl when you go away? Sometimes, your furry friend just doesn’t want to be without you at night. Our In-Home Overnight Sitting is wonderful for traveling families that want to be sure their beloved pet(s) have companionship and care when they are missing them the most! Home care services are included while you are away. This service consists of a dinnertime walk and feed, unlimited potty breaks, a sleepover, and a breakfast time walk and feed. Price of $54 covers one animal. Additional charges will be applied to multi-pet homes ($4 per dog, $3 per cat).

38887143_448231785670702_3621644714660331520_nBoarding and 24 Hour Care  ~  $60 and up

Is your dog comfortable in other homes with dogs? Friendly pups are welcome to stay at our personal home for pet sitting. There are no ‘shelter-style’ kennels here; just comfy dog beds, blankets, couches, and indoor crates to make your dog feel right at home. Your pups will be treated like family and enjoy unlimited cuddles, outings in our secure fenced in area, and hiking on our wooded trails. Price for one dog staying at our home is $60/night. No charge last day if picked up before 8pm. Additional dogs are $40/night.

Farm Care  ~  $25 and up

Farm care doesn’t take a day off, but sometimes farmers need a break too! We have experience caring for and handling all types of barnyard animals, including horses, pigs, poultry, goats, sheep, and more. Whether you have a few chickens or a large herd of cattle, we can keep up on food, water, medications, and more until your return! Prices vary upon amount of time needed to complete chores.

Short Notice Fee  ~  $5clock-running2

Procrastinators beware! Though we offer the courtesy of short-notice availability, we prefer to have at least 24 hours’ advance notice on appointment. This fee applies to same-day service requests.


Early Bird and Night Owl Fee  ~  $5

We are available at the crack of dawn or late night outings for an additional charge. This fee applies to in-home pet sitting visits or walking services that require an arrival time before 8am or after 8pm.

Home Care Services  ~  
Included Free!decors-irish-decoration-tips-houseplants-potted-plant-window

Nobody wants to come home to a house full of wilted plants. And who wants to bother with having the post office hold (and possibly lose) your mail? Tired of asking your friends and family to check on your place? Home care services are available for your convenience, to give your house that “lived in” look while you are away, and offering peace of mind that if anything is not exactly right, you are immediately notified. Don’t come home to a cold house, a leaking pipe, or a broken window- if anything needs attention, you will know about it, so arrangements can be made to fix it before you come home. Rotating of lights and blinds, taking out the trash and recycling, watering plants, and bringing in the paper and mail are just some of the duties that can be performed.

prescription_medicine_000017696353Medication administration  ~  Included Free!

It is important to stay on schedule with your pet(s) medication(s). No need to worry whether Spot is going too long before his next dose! We are happy to make sure your pet’s medications are administered on time, safely, and with little stress!


Daily Updates  ~  Included Free!

It can be hard being away from your pet(s)! Daily text or email updates with photos are available, so you know exactly what your furry family is up to while you’re away!


Consultations (30 minutes)  ~  Free!

We can’t wait to meet you and your pet(s), so we come to you! This initial visit is important for learning about your pet(s), their surroundings, their interactions with you, and their routines, so we can provide the best care possible for your beloved companion(s).

*Full payment is due for same-day cancellations on all services.*

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