Daily Dog Walks

  This service is currently NOT available 😦 

Does Rover need a potty break while you’re at work? Does Fluffy have energy to burn, or just in need of more exercise? Does Louie get lonely? Our daily dog walking service is a great option for busy and working families. We know your pet misses you while you’re away, so let us give them a fun time each day! Daily visits are 30 minutes each, and can include exercise, play time, feeding, medication administration, and home care service. Walks can be done at/near your home, or if you prefer a specific safe play area, we can accommodate, within our normal service area.

12523898_10206833500288715_4992256715655384899_n (1)10629770_10206131632302454_7002017375203510305_n Daily Dog Walks are $20 for a 30 minute visit with one dog. Each additional dog is $4 per visit.

Need a longer visit?
Give us a call for a personal quote.

In Maine, we see the coldest snow storms in the winter, and the hottest, most humid days in the summer. Your pet’s well-being is top priority. When it’s sweltering or a blizzard outside, visits will include a shortened outside potty break, followed by warming up with inside playtime, feeding, and exercise if needed.

Full payment is due for same-day cancellations on all services.

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