stars“I would highly recommend PUPS. I called them in tears because my dog was aggressive and had bitten two family members. One major issue I had was he had was crate training …. he has broken out of his crate multiple times. I would come home to a bloody scene and a beat up dog after him banged to break through a metal crate. I had given up on it and when I left him in my house he ate all my furniture. Chelsea trained him in 10 days to be crate trained…… he now chooses to go in his crate when he is fearful or uncomfortable around visitors.
The second but most important issue was the Max was being aggressive towards people he lived in same house with. Chelsea helped me as his owner realize that he needs a lot of structure. He now has a very good daily routine. He remains in a command at all times unless we are playing with him. It makes my life easier and Max thrives with feeling more secure.
Max recently underwent a total hip replacement without the help I received from PUPS this recovery would not have been very successful.
I plan to keep him coming back to learn more and more. I was advised to euthanize Max and I just couldn’t do it, a close friend said “I heard of a place in Unity give it one more shot.” I am so grateful I did because now we have a dog that loves us and we love him so much!

~ Lori G. — Standish, Maine

stars“Chelsea is simply amazing! Our dogs took to her right away and we have complete trust with her and our pooches.
She dogsits for us and is now helping to train our older pup who is extremely reactive to noises causing significant anxiety and stubbornness.
She really gets animals and is a gem in Maine.”

~ Melissa B. — Oakland, Maine

stars“They were awesome to work with! We had one pup stay for a one week board and train and another pup have three one hour sessions. The one hour sessions were filled with a lot of hands on work, which was very helpful. We received updates throughout the week board and train, which were also nice to receive. The progression videos on the Facebook page were helpful to watch as well. They were very accommodating with our schedule and strived to make sure all points we wanted to work on were covered throughout the training sessions. We highly recommend this trainer!”

~ Daniele P. — Albion, Maine

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stars“I loved how PUPS listened to my concerns and then helped us work with our dogs. We have 3 dogs and she was able to assist us through group sessions with our 2.5 year old lab and we will be having our 5 month old lab do a board and train session in a couple weeks! The improvement of our dogs is incredible. We can take them out in public and leave them out of their kennel when we have company now! Thanks, Chelsea!”

~ Lazell G. — Brooks, Maine

stars“Our Dog Max is a very nervous and anxious dog. We heard about Peace and Unity Pet Services and I knew it was the right place when I met Chelsea. He boarded with her for a whole week while she trained him, and then spent the time to train me and my fiancé in the home, and community so we had the right tools and education to keep up with Max’s training. While Max is still going to be anxious (because he only got a week training) he is so much better. I am able to take him out into public places and not worry that he will pull me over, or be out of control. He also is a lot more calm in the home as well. Chelsea and the other staff at Peace and Unity Pet Services really did a tremendous job training Max. I’m so glad I made the decision to go through them for training! I couldn’t thank them enough.”

~ Katie B. — Unity, Maine

stars“I was lucky to take my dog Turbo an American Bulldog/Boxer/Pit mix to Peace & Unity Pet Services for a 4 day board and train. Turbo is an amazing dog for a 2yr old, but he is just that…2! Chelsea worked on the PLACE command and I can’t even begin to tell you how amazing this had helped. Turbo gets very excited and protected when people come to my house. Now I’m able to SAY the word PLACE and he’s on his bed in the down position until he calms down. Then at that time I can give him the BREAK command which tells him he’s FREE to get up and come visit.
Chelsea is amazing and I’d recommend her to help with your dog.”

~ Charelle C. — Palermo, Maine

stars“When someone told me about Chelsea I was so filled with hope!  She sounded like the female version of Cesar Millan.  The results are truly amazing!  She is very helpful and knowledgeable. The additional online resources are great as well.  I’m so grateful for the difference in my dog!  I can’t thank her enough.”

~ Tina Z. — Skowhegan, Maine

stars“It was hard to believe how quickly Daphne’s behavior improved after one training session. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate you! Thanks so much!”

~ Joyce B. — Waterville, Maine

starsIn response to before and after videos of her dog: “This makes me so emotional watching this again! I remember thinking just 10 minutes in, ‘Wow, this is so amazing…he’s actually responding to her!’ The kids and I cannot thank you enough!! Our house is so peaceful and Scout is such a happier and more well adjusted doggo! He looks forward to having his walks 2-3 times a day! Thank you!”

~ Lisa M. — Winslow, Maine

stars“When I first met Chelsea at our home she came across as calm,  gentle, and knowledgeable. Bella our puppy was apprehensive around walking our block, and other dogs. She was nipping and grabbing anything she could get her paws on. During meals Bella kept jumping up on my chair at the table. She wouldn’t let us eat a meal in peace. Chelsea took Bella for a week to teach her some basic skills and commands. We are delighted with the results. My favorite command is Place the puppy stays on her dog bed in the living room while we prepare and eat  meals in the kitchen. She doesn’t come out of Place until you tell her to. She can take walks around our neighborhood with the gentle reminder of heal. No more nipping either! Both my husband and I continue to train her with all the recommendations from Chelsea. Bella is a content little puppy. With Chelsea’s training and guidance for us humans Bella knows how to behave. We already recommended her to a friend.”

~ Sylvia C. — Winslow, Maine

stars“My 6 month old puppy Lola was very difficult before we met chelsea. She would pull me on the leash, even at only 25 pounds, she would howl in the crate, go after other dogs,and over all not listen. Within the first 20 minutes of our first session with Chelsea i already saw a huge improvement in lolas behaviors. 3 sessions later and I’m so pleased with the progress we have made and continue to make. Chelsea really helped train me how to train Lola. I recommend her to every dog owner I meet. I can’t thank her, and puffin and Larry enough!”

~ Katie T. — Unity, Maine


reveiw 2.png

stars“Chelsea was professional and very knowledgeable in pet training. We had several sessions with her to help with some issues we were having with our lab. Not only did she help us in training to correct the issues but she was sure to follow up with us and pointed us in the direction of some more resources we could use when training our dog (certain YouTube videos, which we also found helpful). I would highly recommend her to anyone in need of some training for their dog!”

~ Renee F. — China, Maine

stars“I am so thankful we met Chelsea! She has made such a difference with our Great Dane, George! He went from always anxiously “protecting” me on walks from other dogs (intense barking, lunging etc..) to having a calm and relaxed demeanor and able to focus on listening and not just reacting to every animal we pass. It is such a great feeling knowing I can take George for a walk and not worry he is going to lunge or even react to any animals we may come across. Chelsea is so patient and gentle with George and made such a difference in his behaviors, I HIGHLY recommend her to anyone!”

~ Traci K. — Waterville, Maine

stars“We are so happy that we found Chelsea and Peace & Unity Pet Care for our rescue dog Cooper! We have peace of mind knowing that Cooper is not alone all day, he gets daily visits which include either a walk or supervised play time with Chelsea’s dogs. The socialization and exercise are so beneficial, we have definitely seen positive changes in his behavior since we started using Chelsea. From the first day that Chelsea came for a consultation we could see how passionate she is about animals and Cooper bonded with her immediately. She is very knowledgeable about dog training and different dog training tools and is eager to share knowledge with her clients, she takes the time to explain in detail so that you know you are training correctly. I also love getting the updates and pictures they always brighten my day (I am still amazed at how she gets all the dogs to sit and look at her). I would recommend Chelsea to anyone who is looking for pet care services!

~ Michelle T. — South China, Maine

stars“I can’t say enough good things about Chelsea and her business! Our dog is always in the greatest of hands and Chelsea goes the extra mile to make sure your pet is loved and well cared for.”

~ Lori B. — China, Maine

stars“Chelsea is simply the best! She’s reliable, knowledgeable and my dogs love her!”

~ Jen S. — Oakland, Maine


“Our dogs were out of control! We have two large breed mixes and their bad habits were getting to be too difficult for my family. Chelsea and Phelan were able to work with them and us on a short notice. I saw an immediate response from my dogs on the first session. They were very straightforward and gave clear instructions. We have already seen a HUGE improvement with both dogs and are actually able to walk them without being afraid of their reactions to other people or animals (which we could not do before). Since following the training plan they have been much more calm inside the house and out and we are all happier as a result! I’m so glad I decided to get professional help for them… Thank you! “

~ Mark S. — Vassalboro, Maine


“I recently changed jobs and my dogs, Bella and Zoe, had to spend much longer days alone at the house. So happy I found someone that they can depend on! They love their daily walks and I know that even after a long day at work they get to have a fun outing, every day.”

~ Olivia J. — Unity, Maine


“Great service, fast response and dependable.”

~ Darren P. — Fairfield, Maine


“We have a dog that lacked socialization before she was rescued so she can be very fearful and requires patience and a gentle hand. We wouldn’t trust anyone but Chelsea to care for her while we’re away! Our recent trip to France was made possible by knowing we have someone reliable who can care for our special girl.”

~ Susan O. — Windsor, Maine


“Chelsea was wonderful! I honestly couldn’t have asked for anyone better to take care of our pets. She spent more time than we asked (or expected) taking care of our dog, Betty, and even took her hiking! Our cats were so peaceful and calm compared to other pet sitters we have used. The daily updates and photos were so helpful to ease my mind while I was away from home. I highly recommend having Chelsea care for your pets.”

~ Kate R. — Pittsfield, Maine


“We were ecstatic to find Chelsea as we do not like to board our dogs, a Boxer and an English Mastiff. We were away for eleven days and came home to everything in perfect order. We could tell the dogs had received lots of love and playtime, and our peace of mind was more than worth it. Chelsea also sent us a daily update and fun photos of the dogs. We are looking forward to booking another vacation and know that our pets will be well cared for!”

~ Lauren K. — Waterville, Maine


I recently used Chelsea for overnight pet sitting (4 nights!!).. I was so nervous to have a stranger in my home, but she immediately bonded with my pups!! Her energy was perfect & they trusted her right away.. Their acceptance let me know it was going to be okay. It was better than okay! They had a completely stress free weekend. The anxiety of being in a kennel was avoided & she played with them to keep them busy! The only complaint that I have was the disappointment in their faces when I walked thru the door the last day instead of her!! If you are going away, do yourself & your kiddos a favor, let them stay home.. They will stay happier & keep your home safe while making a new friend. It’s a win-win & I am SO GLAD I reached out to her!! Thank you again Chelsea.. You are fabulous!!!”

~ Tressa E. — Hartland, Maine


“I have known Chelsea for over 6 years and she quickly became one of the few people I would ever trust my feline or canine companion with! I have watched her train and care for her own animal companions as well as several fosters. She has the compassion, patience, and understanding that is necessary for pet care. I have also learned so much about dog training since meeting her! There’s no doubt that your companions will receive all the love and care they deserve when in her hands. I honestly can’t recommend anyone else.”

~ Katie N. — Freedom, Maine


“For anyone stressing over what to do with their pets when they’re away, this woman is highly qualified, respectful, and I haven’t met an animal that didn’t like her. I trust her to care for our little piece of heaven.”

~ Jacki P. — Albion, Maine




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